Contract Administration 

Max's Consultancy can support clients establish a Contacts database 

The purpose of a contracts database is to provide an organised and centralised location for storing and managing all contracts related to a business or organisation. It is a digital repository that allows users to easily search, retrieve and review contract information as needed. The contracts database helps to streamline contract management processes by providing a singular source of truth for all contract-related data. It can also help to ensure compliance with contractual obligations, track contract performance and reduce the risk of errors or omissions. Additionally, a contracts database can assist in contract negotiations by providing a historical record of past agreements and terms. Overall, a contracts database helps to increase efficiency, reduce risk and improve decision-making related to contract management.


We help clients understand their contract spend patterns  By Implementing  a contract management system this can utilise contract management system to track spending and monitor contracts in real-time. This system that can alert alert stakeholders when a contract is approaching the spend threshold. This Ensures  transparency that all stakeholders understand the spend threshold and the contract review process. This can be achieved through regular communication and training.

 This ensure that the key management groups are aware of their contractual obligation and spend activity and there is visibility on key supplier contacts.  Sometimes this can highlight fraud in organisations that goes undetected when there is poor visibility .   



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