Max's Consultancy can perform a comprehensive assessment of the client's current procurement processes, technologies, and systems, and identify areas that can benefit from digitalisation. 

We can help and advice client in selecting and adopting procurement software solutions and tools that best fit their needs and budget. This may include tools for spend analytics, e-sourcing, contract management, e-procurement, and supplier management, among others. 

Max's Consultancy can also provide guidance and support in implementing and integrating the selected software solutions, ensuring that they align with the client's overall procurement strategy and objectives.

We can also train the client's employees to use the software effectively and ensure the software is IT compliant. 

We also provide advice and support in data management and analytics, providing insights that enable the client to make informed decisions and optimise the procurement process continuously.

Moreover, Max's Consultancy can provide guidance and support in change management, ensuring that the procurement digitalisation initiatives are effectively communicated to all stakeholders and that employees are adequately trained to use the new digital tools.



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