Ethical Best Practice 


Max's Consultancy ensures ethical best practices through various measures. All our consultants adheres to Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) code of ethics to ensure that all consultants abide by ethical principles and conduct business with integrity and transparency.

Max's Consultancy also provides guidance and support to clients to ensure ethical conduct in their operations, including procurement and supply chain practices. This may include developing and implementing ethical sourcing and supplier codes of conduct, ensuring compliance with relevant ethical standards and regulations, and promoting transparency and accountability in procurement processes. 

Additionally, Max's Consultancy conducts due diligence on suppliers and vendors to ensure that they meet ethical standards and avoid working with companies involved in unethical practices such as bribery, corruption, or human rights violations.  

We also provides training and guidance to clients and their employees on ethical best practices and offer ongoing support to ensure clients are compliant with ethical standards. 

Max's Consultancy commits to transparency and open communication with clients and stakeholders, ensuring that they understand the ethical implications of procurement decisions and that stakeholders are fully informed regarding the ethical impact of business operations. 

Overall, Max's Consultancy strives to promote ethical best practices in all its engagements, supporting clients in promoting a culture of integrity and ethical behavior in procurement and business operations.


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