Business Growth 


At Max's consultancy, we support businesses in their growth by providing various services such as helping them win new work through bidding, reviewing and creating policies where they are missing, assisting in gaining accreditation, upskilling staff through training and development, and supporting recruitment when required.

Business Growth 

Winning new Business 


Winning new business through bidding for work involves the process of submitting a proposal in response to a tender.   We support potential client submit winning bids, with the aim of securing a contract or project.

Policy and Process Review 

We assist our clients in reviewing their policies and processes to ensure they align with their goals and objectives. Our team of experts can conduct a thorough analysis of our client's policies and processes.   identify areas of improvement, and recommend solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness



Accreditation can help businesses improve their credibility, quality, and reputation, which can lead to increased sales, new business opportunities, and business growth.

Upskilling staff 


Upskilling staff  is the process of educating and developing key skill of within your workforce to improve knowledge, and performance.  It includes providing training on job-specific tasks, as well as soft skills such as communication, leadership, and customer service.



Our sister company Max's Recruitment specialises in recruitment services and can be a valuable resource for clients looking to fill job vacancies

Ensuring Legal Compliance 

Contract Management can support legal compliance by ensuring that an organisation is in compliance with laws and regulations related to data privacy, security, and confidentiality.


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